Who We Are:

Hey good looking!  How’s it going?  Very lovely of you to stop by and find out a little bit more about us – that’s got to be a great sign!  Luxe Bible is a fun website with a cool team of writers based in London who thrive on quirky events, drink probably a little bit too much champagne and appreciate all of the finer things in life, in London and beyond.  We are all about ‘cool’ luxury if you will, which doesn’t always mean it’s the most expensive.  We rate and recommend mainly based on our personal experience of a product or service from decor to ambience and overall quality and suitability for our audience.

Who We Aim At:

Luxe Bible provides informative articles and features targeted at the professional, affluent, 20 – 30 something’s – those with a disposable income that they like to spend on hedonistic pleasures and darn good food.   Our average reader has at least three holidays a year from far flung destinations to interesting city breaks, and basically, likes to make the most of life at all times!  Our taget audience are wanderlusters who like to try new things, explore new concepts and enjoy hearing about new and exciting experiences in the world of entertainment, leisure and travel.

Gone are the days of long winded 1000 word reviews.  We like short, snappy, concise information presented in an easy to read format where pictures dominate.  Let’s face it, who has time in the current crazy digital age to sift through features looking for something appealing?  We aim to get down to the nitty gritty, recommending relevant, cool events, restaurants, hotels and beauty products that are perfect for people like you, because you’re like us!

Contact us: info@luxebible.com