Recently launched rum brand, temporarily renamed Rum With No Name, is launching a public crowdfunder campaign on the Monday 25th May to rename their brand, with the person who suggests the winning name bagging a year’s supply of rum. 

Silk Road Distillers launched at the end of last year and soon grabbed the attention of the drinks world as an exciting new brand that championed a new style of white rum with a new suggested serve – rum & tonic.  Just as lockdown started, founder George Agate was told that he couldn’t use their brand name due to a conflicting EU trademark, but decided to turn this unfortunate situation into a potentially exciting one.

Rum lovers can contribute everything from £5 to £500 and receive all sorts of exclusive rum rewards, from tickets to the re-launch party and their name on a billboard, to limited edition bottles and a personal mixologist for the night. And all crowd funder participants will be in with the chance to suggest a name and win a year’s worth of delicious rum. George Agate has always had a passion for rum and was inspired by his travels, circumnavigating the world on a tandem bicycle, to set out to bring some love and life back to the white rum shelf.

The Crowdfunder campaign will take place from the 25th May to the 8th June, and throughout these 2 weeks, George will be taking part in a number of events to promote the campaign. These will include an Instagram Live Q&A to launch the campaign, cocktail masterclasses as well as an exciting Gin and Rum Festival Takeover.