Browhaus Covent Garden is a super cool and quirky salon for eyebrows, lashes and waxes.

With many worldwide outlets which stretch as far as Shanghai and New York, the Browhaus brand has become synonymous with exceptional service when it comes to eyebrows and innovative treatments – such as their ‘vajuvenation’ treatment – a ‘facelift for your Brazilian!’ as well as the ultimate brow resurrection treatment offering semi-permanent eyebrows using an advanced embroidery technique to create natural looking eyebrows.

Opening the huge fort like doors of Browhaus Covent Garden was almost like walking into a life-sized play house with pretty designer marquee style canopies separating the treatment booths and an inviting reception area with comfy sofa and magazines.   The style is edgy and on-trend and I felt straight away like I was in safe hands.  With bold statements against the contrasting patterned prints, plenty of mirrors and cool design features like the doors with their metal studs, I remember thinking I’d definitely never had my eyelash extensions applied in a salon like this before!

Browhaus Covent Garden - An Eye Opener! Eyelash Extensions
Browhaus Covent Garden – An Eye Opener! Eyelash Extensions

Browhaus’ lash extension treatment is called Lash in Bloom – designed to frame your eyes, whilst emphasising them and glamming up your existing look with no need for mascara in the mornings.

After a lash consultation (there are many different and important elements to be considered when having eyelash extensions applied believe me!), we decided on a fanned effect with 13mm lashes combined with shorter length lashes to avoid the cat eye effect which you sometimes get when super long lashes are applied  to the outer eyelid.  I also decided to go for the individual lashes rather than the clusters which are quicker to apply and give a great dramatic effect for a special occasion.

Browhaus Covent Garden - An Eye Opener! Treatment Room
Browhaus Covent Garden – An Eye Opener! Treatment Room

My experienced lash technician gave me a cosy blanket to get comfy with and I was asked to lie back and relax while the application process took place.  If you’ve never had lashes applied before, the time it takes varies between salons.  At Browhaus, the process took about an hour.  It’s a totally painless treatment, and it feels like someone is gently touching each and every lash while you just unwind.

When my lash treatment was complete, a setting spray was applied and the lashes were dried by blowing air on them to ensure the glue was totally dry.  I was thrilled with the end result and fluttered my beautiful lashes all the way home.

For a confidence boost, and to save time on make up each day, Browhaus lashes are the perfect beauty fix.  They last between three and six weeks (mine always last around 5 as i wear no eye make up) and please note you will need an allergy patch test 24 hours before to check you’re not allergic to the type of glue Browhaus use.

Browhaus Covent Garden - An Eye Opener! Threading
Browhaus Covent Garden – An Eye Opener! Threading

Browhaus have also recently launched their ‘Threadsetters’ loyalty scheme.  For regular brow tamers, they’ll give you 20% off your third appointment, with your fifth treatment free!  What’s not to love?!

Click here for the Browhaus website.